Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hallway Happenings

Hey peeps! Is there anyone still out there? I know I know, its been a while. I have some splanin' to do. BUT, I have updates! Lookie what I did today...

As usual, I'm no photographer at all! These are with my phone, so especially bad. So sorry.

I made that super transformation in the hallway today! You see, all the way back in November I wrote a post about giving the hallway a makeover. Ever since, I have done a LOT of thinking and planning in my head. I also wrote a post showing ya'll my vision of the makeover, and some projects I had in mind. It took me all the way until this weekend to do anything to actually move the hallway from blah to awesome!

The whole hallway remodel started when I dreamed of a bench. I just wanted a little cozy spot to throw my purse, but also wanted it to have some style. It took me until yesterday to find the perfect bench. And when I say perfect, it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! Sorry, I just get all excited talking about it. I had been scouring craigslist, and checking every thrift shop I could. Then, Bethany (go check out her blog!) told me about a warehouse full of antique furniture. My sister and I checked it out yesterday, and found the bench!

They had tons outside, and it was pretty dark and spooky inside! But lots of good stuff!

The moment I found my dream bench, and just knew it would be too much for my pocketbook!

Scarletts Antiques, in Darlington, SC was the name of the awesome place! I found a few benches, and this one tugged at my heartstrings. I asked the lady if she could come give me a price on it, and I gritted my teeth and closed my eyes while she looked at the tag. I just knew it would be a fortune! I had allotted $30 in my head for a bench, and the lady said $49.95. Whew, not out of reach, but a little more than I had intended. I asked if she had a tapemeasure, and also had Nick come inside to see it. After seeing the measurements were absolutely perfect, I asked the lady if she could take $40 and she agreed! I could hardly keep a grin off my face for the whole day!

Today, I got it out of the car, and washed it down really well. I relied on a a magic eraser, some vinegar, and hot water. It was really dirty! I let it air out for a while, then brought it inside. I know it will need some sanding and staining, as it is pretty dinged up, but I couldn't be more excited about it!

Yes, in the right picture you can see gum stuck to the bottom! True antique!

This is where I got my wheels a turnin'. Over a year ago, I bought a 12 paned window, and had intended to use it as some sort of headboard. Today, I had the brilliant idea to hang it over the bench, and add a wreath. So the afternoon turned into a little hallway makeover. I painted the sides of the window (the part that wasn't exposed when it was installed), and I made a wreath. Its super sentimental, because I used actual flowers we used as centerpieces in our wedding!

I measured a million times, and hung the window straight into two studs! Woot Woot! Here are a few more after pictures. I am SO ready to paint now! Wont it look awesome when that window pops a little more when the paint of the wall is more of a contrast? Those pillows are from our living room. They are just acting as a placeholder. I will definitely find some fun fabric and get more color in there! Also, how stinkin' sexy are the curves on that bench. oh la la. 

Yes, that is a gift wrapped in the most amazing paper ever (TjMaxx find!).

Well, that was fun, wasn't it? Do you love my bench as much as I do? Are you feelin' the big window as a focal point? How about the hydrangea wreath. Its super sentimental, and I'm so glad I made it! How about colors, I originally thought mostly blues and teals and greens for the hallway, do you think that will still work? Next time I come over here, I am going to do an update on my goals post.

Ya'll have a great week!

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  1. I think it looks awesome! I love the bench and the window and wreath. And thanks for the shout out! :)