Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hallway Mood Board

I've been super lazy today, but I did do something semi productive! I have had ideas in my brain for our hallway transformation, but I finally made a mood board (my first ever) to show the hub, and you all my ideas!

Now, don't do what the hub said, and say "Stripes on the WALLS?" No dear, Im not that crazy, so let me explain!

- The top right grey would be the wall color. I want something very neutral, so I can change out textiles  and accessories as I please!

- I am really wanting a bench for the front hallway. We have room for something skinny, and I have my heart set on a church pew, but they can be somewhat expensive. I do want a bench with a back, and arms, (and if it has free standing legs I would love to dip them like the photo!) so I will keep searching craigslist!

- The striped fabric, and scolloped fabric would represent a cushion for the bench, and some pillows to make it a cozy little spot. The green geometric print would be a cute doormat for the front door!

- I like the drum light fixture, and it is from Ikea (Alang), so super cheap! I will have to measure to make sure even if it is mounted flush, that the hub wouldn't bump his head. He is a tall fella!

- I love the corner cabinet painted teal! My sweet momma gifted us a yard sale cabinet almost identical to this picture. I had imagined I would paint it white, but a color would be fun, and it would be in the back hallway, so perfect way to take some color back there!

- As for wall decor, we have a large gold mirror hanging in the kitchen, and it would hep tie in the floor color (example in bottom middle). I don't love the stain color on the floors throughout our house, but have to work with what we've got! I also have a largish collection of metal crosses that would be sweet in the back hallway, and I will probably reinstall our gallery of frames in the front hallway. I will probably go with the eclectic frames we have, black, brown, gold, and maybe add some white.

Like I said last time, I'm not sure of when this transformation can happen, seeing as I will be in Columbia for three weeks in Feburary. Hopefully we can start painting soon though! As far as budget, I want to keep it as cheap as possible (duh), but it will likely depend mostly on what kind of bench I can find. Also, we will be purchasing two light fixtures, paint, fabric/doormat, some extra frames and accessories for the walls and corner unit.

What do you guys think? Bad color scheme? Too busy or just enough pop of color? Hope you all have a great weekend! I'm back to scouring Craigslist for my dream bench!

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  1. I love it! I think it will look awesome when you finish! :)