Sunday, November 18, 2012

Heart of the Home

So, what do you consider the heart of your home? Just for the purposes of this post, the heart of our home is going to be our HALLWAYS. The heart pumps blood throughout your body, and our two hallways move us through all the rooms of our home. I don't think its the most important part of our home, but we will start the house tour there.

I chose to revamp our hallways as our first house project. I know, odd, but with it being so close to the holidays, I didn't want to get deep into something, and also the hallways will make a really big impact in our home! As we go through, I will show a "TO DO" for each portion of the hallways.

I guess I may should tell you the specs of our home. It is three bedrooms, with one and a half baths. We have a large living, and large eat in kitchen. Also, we have a carport and storage shed in the back of the property.

Now the tour... (disclaimer: I am terrible at taking photos, which I should probably change for the single reason of adding photos to this blog)

This is the front porch and door (obviously, I don't think I had to tell you, but just go with it?) We painted the door red before we even moved in to the house. I needed something to "pop" with the front of the house, since the landscaping is lacking, and that wasn't budgeted for an immediate change. Also, I spray painted those planters bright yellow, and I love them! Those ferns, yeah they started teenie tiny and they are the plant that has lasted longest for me :). Im proud! The wreath is sort of a year round one, which I DIY'd. The door on the other hand, has got to go! Those three odd windows are not our thing. Also, the porch light, yes it will be replaced too.

-get a new front door (and paint red?)
-would love a new doormat
-obviously landscaping, but not right away
-new porch light

Moving along to the inside...


Yay, we are inside now! We will call this our "front" hallway. The picture to the left is your view as you are standing right inside the door. You can see straight through the eat in kitchen (there is a pocket door there- how cute!), and out the window! Also in the picture to the left, before the gallery wall of frames, is the entry into our family room (the doorway is not pictured). If you were standing facing the kitchen, and walk forward, the hallway to the left of the kitchen entry would take you to the bedrooms and bathrooms.

Now, the second picture is if you are looking back at the front door. See the ugly door and windows in the door? Yeah, gross. The light in the hallway is also awful. Its a single sphere globe. We definitely need something with a little style.

Overall, we need color and patter in this portion of the house. Something that will tie into ideas that we have for the other rooms, and something neutral enough to last a while. As for function, I am contemplating a bench in the place of the hallway cabinet. Oh I almost forgot, our coat closet is directly to the left if you are standing where the first photo is taken (doorway not pictured).

-paint! (I think grey will be the color, shade undetermined)
-new front door
-entry mat in fun print and color
-possible bench, with cushion of cute fabric
-new closet doors?

Moving along...

 Now, we have gone to the kitchen doorway and turned 90 degrees to the left, and we are looking down our "back" hallway. Its not really a back hallway, they actually meet up to form an L shape. Anyways, there is no personality back here at all. In the first photo, the rooms are as follows:
First doorway to the left- office/craft room/spare room
Last doorway on the left- guest bedroom
First doorway on the right- full bathroom
Middle doorway on the right- Closet
Last doorway on the right- Master bedroom

Oh, that light you see in the first picture, thats the same one as in the front hallway. Boring. We also need some wall decor, although I'm not sure yet what to do with these walls since they are broken up by the doors. Lastly, the bookcase at the end of the hallway is getting the boot, and being replaced by a Christmas present from my mom! She found us a corner bookcase at a yardsale, and I can't wait to revamp it! The doors at the end of the hallway don't lie perfectly across from each other, you can sorta see it in the second picture. So the corner shelf will work much better :)

-paint (same color as front hallway)
-wall deor
-new, revamped corner shelf

I do apologize, this post got super wordy, and maybe confusing. I guess maybe I need to show you a floorplan of the whole house so you can imagine it better. Anyways, this is what we will begin working on after Christmas, and I'll be gathering Pinterest ideas until then :)!


  1. Love what you've done so far, and I can't wait to see what else you do! :)

  2. Same here!! Just thought I'd make one teenie weenie suggestion, don't let that plant die in the hallway lol. love you sis! hope to see you soon!!!