Gib and Gab? Where did we get our name?
The  answer to this question is quite simple. Pre-Gib-Marriage, at the beginning of our friendship (back in the stone age), a way to distinguish between the two Jessica Leighs seemed necessary. Some where along the way Gib was deemed "Gibby", derived from her at the time last name Gibson, and over the years of friendship, including a semester of college cohabitation, Gibby was shortened to Gib. The later part of our name refers to the more talkative, or gabby, of the two. In both middle-school and high-school Jess was voted by her peers as "Most Talkative/Biggest Mouth." In addition to this fact, and years of multiple-hour conversations in which Gib merely listens as Jess rambles endlessly without breath, she is naturally the Gab.

Meet Gib


Jessica with husband, Nick 
Elegant and ever-so steady, Gib is a rock to many and in various areas of life. As an older sister to Alex “Boo”, she has shown understanding and much patience in a relationship where disagreements are plentiful, and rather extreme, but love is never-doubted and never-ending. After the divorce of her mother and father when she was a child, Gib developed an interesting demeanor of dependence of her mom and sister yet also a strong independence, which has made her the amazing Christian woman she is today. Gib’s support system throughout her life is one with which to be reckoned. From Grandma Sara to Aunt Patti to Mama Karen, strong females run in Gib’s blood. Those females are supported by their leading male roles; strong-silent Pawpaw Richard and wild-child Uncle Ronnie. With that said it is only natural for Gib’s Physical Eduaction Teacher Prince Charming to provide the same amount of support. While Nick and Gib have their disagreements, as do many newlyweds, their loyalty to one another is as crystal as Cinderella’s glass slipper. Jesserella and NickCharming (actual nick-names for each other), who have just relocated from home-town Rock Hill, SC to Chesterfield, SC, were married on January 8th, 2011 where they danced to “So This Love” from Disney’s Cinderella, not a joke. The couple is proud parents of Princeton and Berkeley, their two and one year old toy poodles. Before Chesterfield and before taking the Jolly surname (yes, upon marriage she also inherited the required love for Christmas, which she already possessed through her enjoyment of raiding Hobby Lobby’s July Christmas extravaganza) Gib pursued a higher education degree at Clemson and Winthrop Universities and York Technical College. Although she has been indecisive regarding a chosen career path, Gib does not lack strong work-ethic or passion in the things she does, required or chosen. Of the chosen things, shared with me, is being extremely frugal! As a dynamic-duo, we enjoy scouting out great finds on sales racks, thrift stores, yard-sales and consignment shops throughout the state. Most finds result in manipulation to add our own sweet touch and coordinate with other things in our lives. Of the two, Gib keeps me down to earth and on an appropriate level of conservatism. She is my accountability partner and guides me to the right words, which majority of the time relate to His word. Although 200 miles lie between her home and mine, there is rarely a day that we don’t talk and we never apart in heart, I know corny and clich√©, but true.
Meet Gab 

Jessica (right) with close friends Erin and Kristina
Achieving all of her dreams, while living life large, Gab is a fun loving, slightly geeky Southern Belle. After graduating high school at the top of her class, as senior class president, yearbook editor, and “biggest mouth”, Gab set her sights on her dream school of eight years, Clemson University, which has consumed her life for the past four. Gab will soon be a wonderful high school teacher, and her future students better watch out; this Math instructor is all about some Calculus projects, including making students at her internship complete rap-video parodies, which fits Gab's movie and music buffness! Gab has certainly grown in her Clemson years. From working at a children’s gymnastics center, to volunteering at a local hospital and being a big sister at the Upstate Big Brother’s Big Sister Organization, Gab is filling her time with school and her community. In her free time, the little that there is, Gab does some even more indulgent activities. On any random day, you can often find Gab and Amos, her beloved canine companion going for a run around campus and listening to her classic rock or acoustic music. Amos, Gab’s extremely well behaved two and a half year old lab-australian shepard mix, is one loyal pup, as he is Gab’s favorite secret keeper. Her most recent hobby, art, including painting and photography, is the only thing in her life with which she has patience and about which is not obsessive-compulsive. Because of her constant need for structure, cleanliness, and stability, in addition to several negative past experiences, Gab tends to be wary of many. With that said, those in her life who have shown their loyalty in all circumstances, particularly despite her meticulous ways, are fully cherished as Gab will do any and everything for those around her. From driving hours over-night to hold the hand of a friend as she gives birth, to planning surprise birthday parties and bridal showers for the multiple weddings she’s in, Gab enjoys seeing those she loves truly happy. In her alter-ego-event-planning-lifestyle (she really missed her calling) her right-hand-woMan and mother is known to be “the kindest, most self-less person,” as taken from a recent comment. Having a very strong marriage, Brenda is rarely found, physically, without Gab’s dad, Philip, and Gab is never found, emotionally, without both her parents. From her mother she has inherited her social butterfly personality and dedication to help everyone and from her father she has gained a hardworking hands-on drive and perseverance to stand up against wrongdoing. Having these shared characteristics with her folks causes naturally strong connections yet intense head-butting situations. As Gab continues to learn and grow from her experiences, she enjoys venturing out with friends downtown Clemson most weekends, where Karaoke, live acoustic music, shagging, and guys wearing flannel are plentiful, which are all Gab’s favorites. Of all the things Gab is, she is an exceptional friend, and as we grow and change and cross many different paths in life, we grow closer; if growing closer to your best friend is even possible.